The proclamation of the Word of God is truly a service to the Church. Lectors bring the living Word of God to the liturgical assembly.

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liturgical greeters

Liturgical Greeters serve the parish by warmly welcoming all who come to our church for various liturgical celebrations.

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altar servers

Altar Servers help to make the Liturgy flow reverently and smoothly. The mission of this ministry is to serve at Our Lord’s Table by assisting the priest and deacon at Mass and other liturgical celebrations. 

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collecta stewards

The Collecta team collects monetary offering at Mass and  facilitate the presentation of the gifts, 

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music ministry

The most important role as the ministers of music is to support the singing and worship of the congregation, especially at mass and other liturgical celebrations.

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exra ordinary ministers of holy communion

The primary role of an Extraordinary Minister is to assist the celebrant in distributing the true presence of Christ to other members during the celebration of the Mass.

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Mother Butler Guild

The Mother Butler Guild (MBG) is a religious organization of lay women who has taken the responsibility for the purchase of sacred vestments, linens and vessels; the cleaning of the sacristy and the altar; and adorning the church with flowers.  The Mother Butlers are also given the privilege of washing the sacred vestments and linen used by the priest at mass.

ministry of mercy

Ministry of Mercy that shall provide pastoral programs and activities promoting and encouraging the practice of mercy and compassion through the propagation of the devotion to the Divine Mercy and the concrete living-out of the corporal and spiritual works of Mercy (Art. 155).

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