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Our Vision

The Pananabangan Philanthropic Development Office envisions a Communio of grateful Christian stewards called to give so that others may grow.

Our Mission

The Pananabangan Philanthropy Development Office believes that together we grow in giving. However, with the challenges of the present social problems of illiteracy, poverty, injustice, lack of employment, indifference and environmental degradation, we provide socio-pastoral programs such as catechesis, values formation, integration of faith and life, scholarships and livelihood, health care, infrastructure and community development. As passionate witnesses of Christ, we commit to serve the community and society at large. 

Its dictum is “Giving, the best proof of loving.”

 Philanthropy is different than charity which focuses on eliminating the suffering caused by social problems, while philanthropy focuses on the elimination of the root cause of the social problems. The Pananabangan Philanthropic Development Office supports projects and programs from which we all benefit.

Be our partner. 

As stewards, we are called to be generous givers so that others may grow!

Our Advocacies


“Evangelization indicates proclamation, transmission and witnessing to the Gospel given to humanity by our Lord Jesus Christ and the opening up of people’s lives, society, culture and history to the Person of Jesus Christ and to His living community, the Church.” (2nd Synod of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan)..

  • Youth Formation
  • Adult Formation/Pasimbalo
  • Catechetics
  • Vocations Promotions
  • Liturgical Promotions
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Education and Scholarship

At the core of this advocacy is the provision of scholarship grants for students who have inadequate and insufficient resources for their education. The advocacy instills hope and opportunities of growth and development for deserving students.

  • Scholarship Program
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Pastoral and Social Services

The parish has pastoral programs from its ministries and apostolates which is in fidelity to the mission of the church, “to be of service” without reservation to people who seek her help and attention especially the poor and the underprivileged.

  • Social Communications
  • Muyungan/Community Development (BEC)
  • Family and Life
  • Prison Apostolate
  • Palakayan nen Ina
  • Ministry with the Poor
  • Elderly Care
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Infrastructure and Community Development

Infrastructures provide concrete venues for shelter, education, livelihood and worship as means for growth and development of communities. 

  • Pastoral Center
  • Parish Formation Hall
  • Parish Church Conservation
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