Our Vision

OLP is a Christ Centered community of dynamic and holy stewards, committed to passionate evangelization, generous sharing and dedicated service, living the spirituality of communio, inspired by Mary our Lady of Purification.

Say Parokia na Inan Birhen na Purificacion et sakey ya pananabangan ed Kristo a kabiangan na saray makatangguyor tan masanto ran managasikaso, akatalaga ira ed impuspuso ed Ebangelisasyon, mabunlok a panagpinabang tan maralit a panaglingkor lapu'd pangibibilay na Ispiritu na communio na puyan di Maria, Inan Birhen na Purificacion.

Our Mission

To build a dynamic community of stewards that reaches out and draws people to God through an exemplary Christian life dedicated to evangelize, share and serve, strengthened by the spirituality of communio.

Mambokel na makatangguyor a Pananabangan na saray managasikaso ya manadandan tan manatanguyor/ mamabalani totoo ed Dios ed oliran a Cristianon panagbilay ya maralit ed Ebangelisasyon, panagpinabang tan panaglinkor, ya napapabiskeg na Ispiritu na communio.

Commission on Worship

Commission on Evangelization

Commission on Social Services