Month: February 2020

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Circular 2020-6: Administering the Sacrament of Confirmation

February 3, 2020 Circular 2020-6 RE: Administering the Sacrament of Confirmation Reverend Fathers: Our catechism teaches us that we receive the life of faith at baptism. This same grace is strengthened by the sacrament of confirmation through which we enter into spiritual adulthood. Faith cannot grow if we do not know. It is therefore imperative ….  Read More

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Circular 2020-9: COVID19 and Ash Wednesday

February 20, 2020 ALD Circular 2020-9 RE: COVID-19 and Ash Wednesday Reverend Fathers: The CBCP Episcopal Commission on Liturgy together with experts from the World Health Organization recommend that prudent steps be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Please use your prudent pastoral judgment on the matter. If you find it prudent such that it will not disturb pious ….  Read More